Mount Olivet Cemetery has thousands of trees, shrubs and flowering plants that give life, shelter, color and character to its 71 acres throughout the year.

The "Tree Walk" has been developed for the layman and professional alike. Both "Common" and "Botanical" names have been provided on labels for 35 examples of deciduous and evergreen trees. You can take the "Walk" in any order, by foot or by car, at any time of the year.

Mt. Olivet headstonesPlan to visit at different times of the year to witness the spring colors of Dogwood, Weeping Cherry, Magnolia, Redbud and Crabapple, the fall colors of Sweetgum, Maple, and the Katsura tree, and the winter landscape with many shapes, forms and bark characteristics.

old treeIf you would like us to mail you a copy of the map indicating the location, common and botanical names, and a brief description of each variety of tree, please fill out the form requesting further information. Click here for information request form.

Historical Tours are given periodically. They focus on monument symbolism, local history and geology. The tours are co-sponsored by the Greater Ridgewood Historical Society. Click here for more information about Tours and Exhibits or call the Cemetery office for dates and times.